Production Information
Production Information
Production Dates: August 6 - 11, 2002
Director's Notes
Director's Notes

My TRF Community Arts Council adventure started with being the Musical Director for "Oklahoma". What a great opportunity it was. Moving on to "Cinderella",I was a bit nervous, a cast of 45, all between the ages of eight to 18, need I say more? However, it has proven to be one of the most rewarding summers yet! The young folks that I have hand the pleasure of working with in this show are enthusiastic and full of talent. Parents, you should be proud, because I know that I am.

Working on this production I have been truly blessed with a fantastic crew. Philip Hoks, Peter Hoks, Kathy Olson, Catherine Hagen, and Karen Jenson have all been a delight to work with . Although technically not a crew member, Heidi Hoks has been instrumental in serving as my friend and theater resource, thank you. And I can't forget my wonderful fiance, thank you; you can have me back now!

Vanessa K. Anderson
Artistic Director
Philip Hoks
Technical Director
Karen Jenson
Scenic Director
Show Program
Show Gallery
Show Gallery
JoAnna Swantek
David Edwards
Shara Guidry
Mallory Asp
Dane Jenson
Adrianne Erkson
Tyla Pream
Haeli Stokke
Calli Adamson
Younger Sister
Hailey Bayne
Bad Girl
Brittanie Bieganek
Cole Bylander
Father, Minister, Footman
Jenna Dillon
Steward, Townsperson
Brianna Drevlow
Herald, Footman
Korbi Fisher
1st Girl
Jennifer Holand
3rd Girl
Anne Hook
Studious Girl
Scott Huseth
Little Boy
Jackie Keogh
Chef, Doughter
Stephanie Liden
Sloppy Girl
Kyla Lundeen
Ana Olson
Oldest Sister
Sarah Packard
Cassandra Teie
2nd Girl
Joe Welch
Clumsy Man, Townsperson
Sarah Zak

Pianist: Catherine Hagen

Costume Coordinator: Kathy Olson

Lighting Technician: Philip Hoks

Stage Manager: Shannon Linder

House Manager: Marilyn Weir

Publicity: Jan Strandlie

Sets/Painting: Peter Hoks, Cole Bylander, Dane Jenson, Casey Wilson, Joylyn Iverson

Additional Cast
Additional Cast

Brittanie Bieganek

Natasha Bottem

Lisa Cox

Janae Hoffer

Sarah Korpi

Alicia Rader

Amanda Rader

Emily Robson

Grant Spears

Hailey Teie

Hannah Waswick

Additional Cast
Additional Cast

Austyn Anderson

Whitney Balmer

Sophie Bauer

Nick Cervantes

Erika Knutson

Devin Spears

Justine Teie


NCTC and Administration

NCTC Custodial Staff

Hardware Hank

Post Images

Sherie Guilliat

Linda Samuelson

Cindy Cedergren

Kezar Music

Seventh Day Adventist Community Center

Anderson Realty

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